Find & Change the MAC Address of Windows Computer. MAC Spoofing.

MAC Spoofing – How to Find & Change the MAC Address of Your Windows Computer

MAC Address (Media Access Control Address)

The Media Access Control (MAC) Address is a 12-character unique identifier assigned to each Network Interface Controller or Network Interface Card (NIC) by its manufacturer. The MAC addresses are used by the IEEE 802 network technologies such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi to transfer data from source to destination. The NIC operates at the Data link layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, hence the MAC Address is responsible for the transfer of data at the Data link layer of the OSI model.

Find & Change the MAC Address of Your Computer Using Technitium MAC Address Changer

We’ll be using a free program called Technitium MAC Address Changer. Click the following link to go to their official website to download their program. Once you have downloaded it, install the program.

Technitium MAC Address Changer Homepage:

Step 1: Open Technitium MAC Address Changer.

Step 2: Various types of network connections are listed under the Network Connections column. Click on the one that says Up, Operational under the Link Status column; it should be the first item on the list. Then, click on the Random MAC Address button under the Change MAC Address section to generate a random MAC Address for your computer.

Step 3: Next, click on the Change Now ! button to apply the randomly created MAC Address.

Step 4: If you want to restore your original MAC Address then click on the Restore Original button do that.

Technitium MAC Address Changer has some other features as well.

The program Home screen has three tabs. The MAC Address related options are present in their default tab called Information. There are two other tabs as well some with additional networking related settings.

The IP Address tab lists the current IP configurations of your computer.

The Presents tab lets the user Create (New), Edit, Delete, and Apply the Network Connection Presets.

That’s how you can change the MAC Address of your Windows PC.

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