10 Best Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows 10, 8, and 7.

10 Best Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows

The Windows design language has travelled a long road in the last 10 years. From Aero to Metro to Fluent. But, nothing much has changed in the Mouse Cursor Scheme section. We still have only the default Aero White scheme. No colours. If you want to add some colour and animation to your cursors then try these cursor schemes for Windows.

Here are the 10 Best Free Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows 10

1. Windows 10 Aero Cursors Black

by nuuvo
Who doesn’t want a Black Aero Cursor Scheme for Windows. This cursor pack is an essential for any Windows user. It comes in all three Windows cursor scheme sizes – Default, Large, and Extra Large.


2. DIM Cursor Set

The DIM Cursor Set is the best alternative cursor theme for Windows. Its developer has two other cursor sets as well; both are mentioned later in the list. The DIM Cursor Set comes in three versions – TechnoBlue (Blue), NitroGreen (Green), and InfraRed (Red). All of these contain beautiful full cursor sets as well as some bonus cursors. DIM Cursor sets are the best options if you want premium quiality animated mouse pointers/cursors for free for your Windows 10.

DIM v3.2 | TechnoBlue
by BlooGuy


DIM v3.2 | NitroGreen

by BlooGuy


DIM v3.2 | InfraRed
by BlooGuy


3. Capitaine Cursors

by krourke
https://krourke.deviantart.com/art/Capitaine-cursors-624189658Capitaine Cursors scheme is a special one; they are not the exact Mac or Linux cursor scheme ported to Windows, but a hybrid of macOS and KDE Breeze cursor themes. A beautiful cursor scheme.

4. Numix Cursors

by alexgal23
https://mj-lim.deviantart.com/art/Numix-Cursors-631491782Numix is a very famous design project. This is one of the most popular desktop themes on Linux Distros; their Cursor scheme is also very well done.

5. Breeze Cursors for Windows

by az4521

Breeze Cursors come from the KDE Desktop Environment of Linux. A beautiful and functional cursor scheme for Windows.

6. Crystal Clear Cursor Set

The Crystal Clear Cursor Set is available in three versions – Original (Translucent), Material Light (White), and Material Dark (Black).

Crystal Clear v4.1 | Original
by BlooGuy


Crystal Clear v4.1 | Material Light

by BlooGuy



Crystal Clear v4.1 | Material Dark

by BlooGuy


7. Transparency Cursors 2

by gorganzola1
If Transparency is your thing, then definitely check out this one. Not for weak eyes.

8. EvolutionOS Custom Cursors for Windows

https://sk-studios-design.deviantart.com/art/EvolutionOS-Custom-Cursors-for-Windows-648438877EvolutionOS is the official theme of Ubuntu based distro.

9. Android Material Cursors (Blue)

by MJ-lim
https://mj-lim.deviantart.com/art/Android-Material-Cursors-Blue-606792782Android Material, as the name suggests, is based on the Google’s Material design. So, if you are having flat theme installed then these cursors will fit pretty well. It’s has a Teal coloured version as well.

10. Night Diamond v3.0 | Sapphire Blue

by BlooGuy

The Night Diamond theme is available in nine colours. Many variations to choose from; a colour for everyone. You can check them out at DeviatArt.com.

Note: Images sourced from DeviantArt.com.


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