Evorim Free Firewall for Windows 10 Review – A lot of Potential.

Best Free Firewall Products for Windows PC in 2019 – Evorim Free Firewall.


Evorim Free Firewall is a lightweight and full-featured firewall software that can also work alongside the Windows Defender Firewall to provide you a much better protection from harmful programs and malicious websites.

Apart from Comodo and ZoneAlarm, there are not many full-featured free firewall software for Windows that are also actively developed. When most of the old and famous firewall software such as Online Armor and Outpost, are either being discontinued, abandoned, or sold only as a paid product, Evorim has presented itself as a new option in the free firewall software market.

Unlike some other firewall products like TinyWall, Windows Firewall Control, and Windows Firewall Notifier, Evorim is not just a rule-based firewall but a complete firewall software with real-time monitoring capabilities. It is not just another frontend to the Windows Firewall but another layer over it.

It has some false positives, i.e., it blocks some legitimate programs from connecting to the internet, so, permit them in the dashboard if you are certain about the authenticity of those programs.

A great piece of software. My one advice to them would be to change the name of their product to something that lets users remember it by something; it could their company name or a specific product name that they can use for this product. That would differentiate their firewall from others, and make a unique identity for itself, which is the whole concept of a Brand. Currently, they use a generic name. On download portals, it can is listed as Free Firewall. I’ll probably never be able to find their product if I search by the term they are using for their product name.

Features & Protection

All of the features included in the Evorim Free Firewall are organized in the following four sections.

  • Applications
  • Extras
  • Settings
  • Help


Evorim imports all of the installed processes and services on your computer, and then categories them into various groups such as Active and Inactive.

The Applications section uses the following five tabs uses to list various processes and services.

  • All
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Blocked
  • Services

All – Displays all of the programs running on the system.

Active – Displays all of the programs currently connected to the Internet.

Inactive – Displays all of the programs that are allowed to connect to the Internet but are not connected Internet at the moment.

Blocked – Displays all of the programs that have been blocked by the firewall.

Services – Lists all of the services, blocked or permitted, in one window. You can distinguish between the blocked and permitted services via the colour codes, and also through the Permit and Block buttons placed on each one of them.

Filter … – Filter … is the Search feature of Evorim Free Firewall. You can easily locate the specific program or service by typing its name in the search bar. Then, you can perform additional operations on that item such as Permit, Block, or Delete.


The Extras button takes you the page that has some additional program feature and options. You can enable or disable the following three options here:

  • Prevent analysis services and user tracking on Web pages
  • Block Windows telemetry data
  • Protection against attacks from the Internet and remote access to data


The Settings button takes you to the General tab of the Settings section, which displays the main program settings. You can enable or disable the following four options here:

  • Start program with Windows
  • Turn off Windows Firewall
  • Check for updates and notify
  • Language selection

The Program information tab displays program related information.


The last button in the program is Help, which takes to the Help and Support section of Evorim Free Firewall.

The General tab gives you all the information that you may want about the working and features of the program.

The Applications tab gives you the information about the colour codes and other terminology used in the program.

Mode, Blockade, Firewall, and other Buttons


The Mode button gives the users two options – Credulous and Paranoid.

In the Credulous Mode, all of the applications for whom the user has not set any rules, are permitted to connect to the Internet.

In the Paranoid Mode, all of the applications for whom the user has not set any rules, are blocked from connecting to the Internet.


The Blockade is a full disconnect. All of the applications and services are blocked from connecting to the Internet, no matter what rules are set for them.


It turns the Firewall On or Off.

Internet Connectivity

There are two settings regarding the Internet connectively of all of the applications and services – Block and Permit.

If an application or a service is currently permitted or allowed to connect to the Internet, then it will show a Block button, which you can click to block that connection. Likewise, if an application or a service is currently blocked, then it will show a Permit button, which you can click to allow that connection.

System Impact & Resource Usage

Hard Disk Usage: The installer is only about 3 MB, and it uses less than 10MB after installation.

CPU and RAM Usage: Evorim Free Firewall uses about 45 MB of RAM for running its two processes in the background. The CPU usage is stable at 0%.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Evorim Free Firewall uses a flat style theme. It uses a unique concept of colour codes to differentiate between different types of programs and services.

The bottom toolbar gives you quick access to some of the most important program options.

All of the options and settings are organized nicely in a well-designed tabbed layout. Accessing everything is easy.

However, the typeface used for the headings of various windows can be better and easy on the eyes.


There were no ads, promotions, or other nags neither during the install nor after it. It does not have a pro or paid versions, so you do not get any banner and buttons asking you to Upgrade to the premium security. A clean program overall.

Total Score

Total Score: 22.5/25

Protection 4
Features 4
System Impact & Resource Usage 5
User Interface & Ease of Use 4.5
Nag 5

Download: https://www.evorim.com/en/free-firewall


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