Comodo Cloud Antivirus 2019 Review – Best Cloud Protection for Windows 10.

Best Free Antivirus Products for Windows PC in 2019 – Comodo Cloud Antivirus.


Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a cloud-based antivirus solution from Comodo. It protects you using multiple antivirus technologies while being light on the system.

Comodo makes two more free computer security products, the Comodo Antivirus and the Comodo Internet Security. The difference between those two products and the Comodo Cloud Antivirus is that the Cloud Antivirus is focussed on Protection, Performance, and Ease of Use. Here is how it achieves this:

  1. Protection: The Comodo Cloud Antivirus protects your computer using the following three types of technologies – Antivirus, Sandbox & Viruscope, and File Rating & Valkyrie. The Antivirus uses Signatures to defend against known malware. The Sandbox, along with the Viruscope component, protects against potential malware by executing the suspicious applications into an isolated container. And, two components, Valkyrie and File Rating, Comodo’s Cloud analysis technologies, guard against the unknown, zero-day or recently detected malware by checking the reputation of the files stored on the system.
  2. Performance: A Cloud Antivirus uses the Antivirus vendor’s infrastructure to perform more resource intensive tasks related to malware detection; this leaves more computer resource for the actual computer use. Comodo uses their Cloud-based File Lookup Service (FLS) called File Rating, and their File Analysis technology called Valkyrie to detect malware on the computer using their cloud setup.
  3. Ease of Use: One feature that differentiates Comodo from other antivirus software, and that has given a unique identity to Comodo, and also one that is their most polarizing feature known as HIPS is not included in Comodo Cloud Antivirus. Its exclusion means the product is now more user-friendly, it uses fewer resources than Comodo’s other products, and the user has to spend less time on his Antivirus.


VB100 Score

Virus Bulletin did not test COMODO in their most recent test.

AV-Test Score

The Latest AV-Test (October 2018) scores for COMODO are:

  • Protection – 6/6
  • Performance – 5/6
  • Usability – 5/6
  • Total – 16/18

AV-Comparatives Score

AV-Comparatives did not test COMODO in their most recent test.



There are five types of scans available in the Comodo Cloud Antivirus:

  • Quick Scan – Scans only the commonly infected areas of the computer.
  • Full Scan – Scans all of the files and folders on the system.
  • Certificate Scan – Scans for the untrusted root certificate in the system.
  • Folder Scan – Scans the specified folders.
  • File Scan – Scans the specified files.


The Settings can be accessed by clicking on the Settings button in the program toolbar. Here is a look at the various Settings available in the Comodo Antivirus.

General Settings

Antivirus Settings

Sandbox Settings

File Rating Settings

Advanced Protection Settings

System Impact & Resource Usage

Hard Disk Used: The online installer is around 10 MB in size, which downloads the actual setup file, which is around 25 MB in size. After installation and an update, the Comodo Cloud Antivirus uses around 200 MB of the disk space.

CPU and RAM Usage When Idle: Comodo is one of the most lightweight Antivirus programs. It uses only about 30 MB of RAM when it is idle. The CPU usage is stable at 0%.

CPU and RAM Usage When Scanning: During performing a Full Scan with Comodo, it uses around 50 MB of your RAM. The CPU usage fluctuates between 10 to 30%, and is mostly around 20%.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Comodo is the only free antivirus that has an in-built Theme support. Three themes are supported – Classic, Dark, and Light. The Dark and Light themes let you change the background colour.




There is a Game Mode as well if you want to disable all of the notifications caused by Comodo.


  • It tries to set Yahoo! as the home page, the new tab page, and the default search for all of the supported web browsers installed on the computer.
  • There is an Upgrade button in Comodo’s interface, but you can disable it easily from its General Settings.
  • There is an option about displaying the messages from the Comodo Message Center; that one can also be disabled from the General Settings window.

Total Score

Total Score: 23/25

System Impact & Resource Usage5
User Interface & Ease of Use5

Highlight: Sandbox, Viruscope, Valkyrie (Virtualization and Cloud-based Security Components)



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